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Rise Up with RISE Kombucha’s New Flavors


Rise Up with RISE Kombucha’s New Flavors

When 1Milk2Sugars, one of the finest PR agencies in Canada, reached out to us for the launch of the two new flavours (orange & tumeric and lychee & jasmine)  for RISE Kombucha’s media event, we were quite excited! The color palette was nothing like what we normally work with: a mix of purple and orange flowers! Who would’ve thought that these two colors could marry well together?

The #Sugars and RISE Kombucha team brought to life the idea of rising up in the Grande Roue de Montréal located in the Old Port. As soon as we knew about the location of the event and the colors, the ideas started overflowing. Our goal was to bring the new flavours to life in florals from the moment the guests enters the venue. 

We used a variety of flowers such as lisianthus, roses, carnations, freesia, different greeneries and many more while incorporating touches of dried oranges in the backdrop as a reminder of one of the new flavours. We also added greenery on the light fixtures to warm up the venue.

To make this event even more memorable, there was a photo booth with a balloon garland wall made by Stylish Balloons and a bath covered with balls where guests could hop in and take photos of themselves. The cherry on top of the sundae was the ride in the Grand Roue branded RISE (to rise up!). What a brilliant concept!

Each guest left with a themed coloured bouquet in a RISE Kombucha bottle: an eco-friendly way to repurpose the bottles!


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