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The Eternal Roses Explained


The Eternal Roses Explained

Over the last few years, the eternal roses (also known as forever roses, eternity roses or infinity roses) have captivated the curiosity of many. How is it possible that a rose can last more than a year? Are they real flowers? Do I need to water them? Those are the questions that are commonly asked and are answered below.

What are Eternal Roses?

They are preserved roses that last over a year or more with no maintenance.

Are They Real Flowers?

Yes, they were once real and fresh roses. These roses are grown in farms located mainly in South America. Once the roses bloom to its peak, they are cut and they go through a meticulous dehydration and preservation process that will allow the roses to retain its beautiful shape and texture.

No Maintenance?

That’s right! After the process of preservation, they can last more than a year without maintenance. There is no need to water them. The only maintenance required is a light dusting every other month. At L’Atelier Floral, our eternal roses bouquet are presented in a custom-made packaging that protects them during transportation and can be preserved even longer. If you are going on vacation for an extended period, you won’t have to worry about how to keep them fresh and beautiful anymore!

Confectioned to Perfection at our Atelier

There is an infinite amount of varieties for roses, however, after many tryouts, we’ve chosen the best Ecuadorian roses for its size and quality. Every single rose are worked stem by stem in our studio and assembled into a bouquet of roses. These delicate roses sit on a silk paper and carefully put into our signature LAF hatbox for you to contemplate.


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