Flower Care

*** For Eternal Roses, please scroll further down below.


The LAF flower hat box is designed to be a vase.

The hand-tied flowers bouquet can stay in the flower box for four to six days. The moment you receive the bouquet, no water or floristry tools will be required. On the next day, pour fresh water directly in the flower box and dissolve one pack of floral preservative provided. 



Extend the lifespan of your bouquet

Every other day, you can cut half an inch of the stems with a sharp knife or floral scissors. After 3-4 days, select a vase that fits the size and shape of the bouquet. Take the flowers out of their packaging, remove the wrapping papers and pour away the water.



Clean your vase carefully

Flowers wilt and rot because of bacteria in the water. To help reduce bacteria build-up and increase your flowers’ lifespan, ensure the vase is cleaned and thus bacteria-free before the flowers are first placed in it. To help keep your flowers fresh and vibrant, clean your vase every two days and refill, rather than top up the water.



Water & flower food

Fill your vase with tepid water, because cut flowers absorb warm water more quickly than cold. Add the floral preservative that you receive with your arrangement. This will help extend the life of the flowers by providing nutrients and inhibiting bacterial growth in the water



Recut the stems

Recut the stem before you put the flower in the vase so it can take up water efficiently. Make the cut at a 45-degree angle, which provides a greater cut surface for water absorption. Trim the stems of your flowers regularly. They have a tendency to reseal themselves and restrict water flow.



Avoid direct sunlight and fruits

For a long lifespan of your flowers, display in a cool, well ventilated place out of direct sunlight and keep them away from heat and drafts. Refrigerate your flowers in the evening, but not at too cold a temperature (don’t put them in the freezer). If there is no room in your fridge, move them to a cool location. Refrigeration will help maintain your cut flowers’ beauty. However, avoid placing your flowers with or near fresh fruits as it produces ethylene gas which will shorten the flower life.


Flower Care for Eternal Roses

What is an eternal rose?
The eternal rose is a true rose freshly picked when she is the most beautiful. Subsequently, this rose is placed in a container containing a natural preservation liquid. It remains fresh and beautiful for several months or even years. It does not need water and must be protected from direct sunlight and heat.

How to care for the Eternity Rose?

  • Do not water the roses.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • If dust collects after few months, remove it lightly using a duster or use the LAF plastic packaging is meant to keep your arrangement safe and easy to transport. Be mindful when carrying the arrangement, it’s a very delicate product.
  • Do not place anything onto the roses as they can crush and damage the roses.
  • Keep the arrangement in a room-temperature environment
  • Do not remove the roses from the box; they are secure and happy there.