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Eternal roses are real flowers that have been specially treated to make its beauty last up to a year! This makes them the perfect gift for practical and long-lasting display. SHOP NOW
The Most Beautiful Yellow Roses


A magnificent hand-tied bouquet made of bright yellow coloured roses. The perfect gift for a friend, a colleague, or a even a lover. GET THIS


Offer the most unique and sophisticated bouquets. We deliver in Montreal and the surrounding areas. SHOP NOW
The Most Luxurious Red Roses


A dazzling hand-tied bouquet made with the most luxurious red coloured roses. If you want to show your love to someone or make a bold statement, this is the gift to offer. Get This
The Most Beautiful Lavender Roses


The most alluring and attractive hand-tied bouquet made of premium lavender coloured roses. You are sure to impress with this unique color for any occasions. Get This